Car Accidents Due to Driver Errors and Driver Distractions

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With cars becoming the most common means of transportation in the US, their steady increase on all US roads and highways has also given rise to the number of automobile accidents every year. Records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show, at least, five million road tragedies annually. While drunk-driving, overspeeding, and reckless driving figure to be the main reasons for accidents that seriously injure or kill innocent people, there is another culprit, which majority of drivers may not be totally aware of but are surely guilty of committing – driver error and driver distraction.

Often, when driving has become a daily chore, drivers end up becoming too complacent on the road, committing traffic violations with the excuse or thought that they are in full control of the wheel, anyway, and can avert danger in the event that it shows itself. Thus, many never slow down or stop when making turns, try to beat the red light, fail to use signal lights, fail to check for incoming motor vehicles, especially at intersections, overtake other vehicles improperly, tailgate other vehicles (trucks, worst of all), fail to use the seatbelt, make sudden lane changes, and so forth.

As for driver distractions, though most common among young drivers, it can probably be safe to say that all have been distracted, at least one or a couple of times in their whole driving career. Though driving distraction has many forms, all these cause the very same thing – take a driver’s attention off the road. The many different forms of driver distractions include: looking at a map for directions; adjusting a GPS or a radio; playing the car stereo at full volume; chatting with friends while driving; taking, or having a picture taken, while driving; fixing a tie, grooming; drinking and eating; and, worst of all, texting or using a handheld phone while driving, which is now illegal.

Whether the cause of an automobile accident is driver error or driver distraction, one sure thing is that it is a result of negligence and carelessness on the part of the liable driver. Seeking the help of legal professionals, such as Ali Mokaram from the Mokaram Law Firm, would be advisable in order to bring to justice the at-fault driver and to make him/her compensate the victim for all the damages resulting from the injury which he/she has caused.

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