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Hospital Negligence: Its Usual Causes and Consequences

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One legal and moral obligation that all health care providers owe patients is provision of quality care.  This means timely treatment, correct diagnosis and effective medication. Besides the commitment to save lives and treat patients well, the level of trust that patients give doctors ought to be more than enough for them to live up to patients’ expectations, and so provide fast and effective treatment to patients’ health concerns.

The ideal, however, is often deviated from by what is real, as hospital negligence, which leads to medical malpractice that often inflicts more severe harm in patients, is a reality in the US, as well as in all parts of the globe. Every year, more than a million individuals either suffer worse medical conditions or die because of medical malpractice, which can very well be prevented from happening.

The causes of medical mistakes vary; some of these are miscommunication between nurse and doctor, not enough time to really listen to a patient’s health complaints, wrong interpretation of a laboratory result, mix-up in patients’ records, wrong diagnostic tests, and so forth. Some of these mistakes lead to major medical actions, like surgery, but which actually only puts the patient in greater harm than on the road to recovery.

Negligence is often the reason why mistakes take place. While others may mention overworked nurses and medical personnel, or whatever excuse one may think of, the root cause of it all is still negligence. This negligent behavior usually results to surgery being performed on the wrong patient, operating on the wrong site of the body, injecting the wrong dosage of anesthesia, and many others.

New Hampshire medical malpractice lawyers are just a few of the many highly-competent legal minds who can help victims of hospital negligence and medical malpractice file a civil case (for damages) against the liable party, fight for the victim’s rights and interest and help him/her earn the full compensation that he/she is legally entitled to receive.

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