How Drivers Can Avoid Pedestrian Collisions

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Drivers and pedestrians both have rights to be on the road. Drivers don’t necessarily have more rights because they are on vehicles, and pedestrians don’t necessarily have less because they are on foot. For this reason, both parties should make the effort of avoiding road accidents.

It is fair to say that drivers have bigger responsibilities, because they are the ones using vehicles that could potentially harm someone around them. In fact, according to the website of the Benton Law Firm, those who have been hurt in pedestrian accidents may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

Follow traffic rules

To avoid courts and pedestrian accident claims, it is best to just follow the traffic rules. The rules of the road are there not to suppress you of your freedom. They are there to control and limit your movement to prevent accidents such as pedestrian collisions.

Be mindful of your speed

Speed limits road visibility, your control of the vehicle, and your reaction time when something unexpected occurs. Speeding is almost literally like asking for an accident. Take note that speeding is not just about driving fast. It is also about driving slow because of the environment conditions, such as school zones, wet pavements due to rain, and limited visibilities due to fog blankets.

Always yield to pedestrians

Whether you have the right of way or not, always be mindful of crosswalks, because you will never know when will a reckless or inattentive pedestrian will cross. You should also be attentive of pedestrians in general, because some may even cross on spots without crosswalks. To prevent accidents, it is better to just let them through.

Make it a habit to use your signals

Signaling exists because it is an efficient way to let the other people around you know your present and future position. This can be beneficial to other drivers and pedestrians. In the case of pedestrians, they may stop and wait for you to pass if you signal before a turn, preventing potential pedestrian accidents in intersections.

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