Possible Causes of Aviation Accidents

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Millions of people fly every day around the world, and many have fears of flying. With images emblazoned in the news of horrific plane crashes like the recent Germanwings crash and the TransAsia crash, which produced a terrifying image of the plane hovering sideways above a highway in Taiwan, it is understandable why many have fears of flying.

Although pilots must complete years of extensive training and practice before ever taking flight, mistakes do happen, nonetheless. Some of these errors may even lead to death or injury of passengers. One of the top causes of plane crashes, unfortunately, is pilot error. According to a 2015 study by Statistic Brain Research Institute, pilot error accounts for as much as 53% of all fatal plane crashes.

Pilots are responsible for so many different aspects of the flight, it is not uncommon that mistakes are made and things overlooked. Pilots must observe weather conditions, radar, and readouts from plane mechanics, all while performing safe takeoffs, cruising, and landings.

Pilots can often be overworked and forget to take into account different physiological factors, such as sickness, alcohol, medication, stress, or fatigue that affect their ability to operate an aircraft, and ultimately affect the safety of the whole flight, passengers and crew included.

Stress can serve as a distraction in the cockpit, and make the pilot’s mind wander from the task at hand: keeping the flight safe. Poor communication can also threaten the safety of the flight. Whether between co-pilots or with the crew on the ground, a lack of communication can result in serious consequences for all aboard the flight.

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